Rustic Themed Home Interiors: Rustic Ceiling Fans
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Rustic Themed Home Interiors: Rustic Ceiling Fans

Complementing contemporary interior design with rustic themed ceiling fans.

Interior design always classifies Rustic Themes to be among the favorites. This claim is evident since home and office fixtures industries have never antiquated the element of rustic leitmotif. One of the highly demanded pieces of internal fitting is ceiling fans accented with rustic outlines.

Rustic ceiling fans have been a prime selection for homes not much with corporate offices. Homeowners who are much into country type of design commonly incorporate rustic ceiling fans to emphasize a motif harmony. Since rustic elements are in complete opposition with the current futuristic black and white element of today’s home design, genius home outlining mavens have the ingenuity to argumentatively incorporate rustic theme with the contemporary scheme to make the old country design blend with it agreeably.

As how it is defined and is prototypically employed, rustic profiling is created to look plain and austere. A living room with a plain ceiling looks nice, but to many home decorators, a living room would look much nicer with a rustic ceiling fan rather than being unadorned. Rustic coloring regalia are a positive element which allows shade complimenting effortless since rustic flushes have no problems in color contrasts. Physically, rustic ceiling fans have fanning blades of quite a length and of casted iron. Due to this model, these are originally created for outdoor backdropping frameworks. Since the design has ideally been a favorite over time, the blade length has been decreased in measurement to fit in indoor settings. Rustic ceiling fans are adaptable to any architectural orientation, may it be American, Post-Doric, or even French-Mediterranean. What allows the straightforward implementation of these rustic fans is that the natural wood and wood grain-like coloring is an element of interior camouflaging.

Home improvement is never inexpensive, since it’s a continuous evolution of favored design. Getting a rustic ceiling fan for your home agrees with such statement. Since the market demand for rustic ceiling fans seals over a denominator, this makes these rustic fans a bit pricey. The market has a wide option of designs to choose from, also with a lot of brands to pick from. The selling price scales at about $400 to going over $900 depending on the design. There is also an option to have the layout customized according to the customer’s preference but as always, having every type of product customized costs more than its standard models.

Purchasing a rustic ceiling fan somehow requires a bit of a read up and a little of Googling since there are some factors to consider in getting one. Thorough scrutinizing on the physical elements like the fan blades, materials which could either be bamboo, wood, iron and brass and measures of an inch allowance of 40 to 60; Weight, should be calculated based on the material of the ceiling, calculable weights for wood of concrete builds; Minimum ceiling height, requires a standard vertical gapping of 95.8 inches between the floor and the ceiling. An alternative flush mount adapter or dow rods can be used for gaps which do not meet the minimum; CFM or fan speeds and wattage rating should also be considered. Wattage is typically at a rate of 80 to 100.

The general trading emporium offers a wide selection of rustic ceiling fan brands. Recommended trademarks are Minka Air , Hunter Bear, Craftmade, and Huntler. What top these brands are the contending trade names Casablanca Fan and Monte Carlo.

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Comments (7)

Excellent interior alternative tips, kabayan.

Maraming salamat kabayan!

Excellent discussion, very useful for interior design.

Thanks for the input Michael!

Nice selections. My boyfriend and I struggled to agree on our two ceiling fans, but we're both happy with the final choices we made together. : )

The designs shown in your article are lovely, and not too ornate. The term "rustic" sometimes gets a bad rap, but I like the warmth that natural wood lends to an interior. Excellent article.

Thanks Sharla and Bethany!